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A Subsidiary of Valor Veterinary Group, Inc. 

Providing Quality Preventative Care with Passion

Here at Geovet we understand that going to the doctor is a scary experience on its own. Imagine not being able to speak the language on top of that!

At GeoVet, our veterinary professionals strive to provide a calming experience and provide quality preventive veterinary medicine for our patients and caring owners.

By GeoVet providing quality mobile veterinary services, the veterinary team comes to you! While decreasing pet anxiety, it also decreases owner anxiety. Sometimes you’re busy, tired or maybe it’s just hard to drive with your pet in the car. If that’s you, then GeoVet is for you!

As veterinary professionals and animal lovers, our passion is to look after the wellbeing of pets. At GeoVet, we strive to meet both of their physical and emotional needs.
We make going to the doctor fun!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality veterinary surgical and dental services at affordable prices. We will also focus on surgery and dentistry as you work with our veterinarian for pre and post-care, which helps us keep our costs competitive without sacrificing quality or care. We offer over 40 procedures, ensuring that we can help you and your furry family members in your time of need.

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